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Jen Sankey joins us to discuss Davide Bowie, divination, and her upcoming StaarCon presentation. When she tells us that we are all made of stardust, and that we can divine all the things, she helps us find the magic within ourselves.

Learn some details about what to expect at StaarCon 2023, coming up this month!


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Episode Transcription

Christiana: Episode five of the StaarCast Variety Show is brought to you by the Chariot. Join me Christiana Gaudet and my co-host, Frank Kwiatkowski, as we prepare for StaarCon 2023. Hey, Frank, it's time for the final episode of the StaarCast Variety Show before StaarCon 2023. How are you doing?

Frank: I am actually, Christiana. I am super excited. StaarCon is just around the corner. I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to see all of the presenters that are going to be there and of course all of the attendees. I am super excited.

Christiana: Oh my gosh. So we have I can't believe we're doing this, but we have like 50 presenters.

Frank: Wow.

Christiana: Right. Wow. Four tracks. And so for the people coming in at home, for the people who are going to be experiencing StaarCon online, they'll be able to choose who they want to see sort of live in real time and then who they want to watch during the afterglow. The same thing is going to be true for the people joining us in person.

Christiana: So there's a lot of variety. We've got tarot at all different levels. And I had someone ask me the other day, I'm a tarot beginner. Is there going to be something there for me? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Wherever you are, even if you're going to get there and buy your tarot deck and start from the very beginning. There's going to be enough there for you.

Christiana: And we've got dream work, astrology crystals, mediumship. Oh, my goodness gracious. We have so much and that's why we have so many presenters.

Frank: It's funny how tarot seems to meet us where we are. It can be effective literally from the very first time you open up that deck. And I mean it can awaken the intuition right from the very beginning and it just keeps unfolding and evolving as we do, as we access our intuition more and more. So absolutely. Beginners, come on out.

Frank: There will be something for you experts. There will be plenty for you as well.

Christiana: Absolutely. Yeah. So I wanted to just talk a little bit today. We are going to do a very this is a short episode and it's going to be a short episode because we are just running around getting everything ready for StaarCon. There's a lot of moving pieces there and tickets are still available. You can join us in person in West Palm Beach, Florida, or online on Accelevents.

Christiana: You can come for one day, two days or all three days, but get those tickets now. That's what you got to do. And for this episode, we are simply going to talk, you and I, a little bit about getting ready for StaarCon, and then we're going to share an interview I did with the Wise and wonderful Jen Sankey, who will be presenting at StaarCon.

Christiana: I know I promised everyone the second of your series with Ciro Marchetti, but we're going to do that after StaarCon. So if you want more Ciro come to StaarCon because he is teaching an amazing intensive on Friday. So that's what we're doing here. And let's talk a little bit about if you're coming to StaarCon in person, what you should bring.

Christiana: The first thing I want to say is on Saturday, this is optional, but on Saturday we're doing tropical dress. So if you have a Hawaiian shirt or you want to wear a sarong or you want to wear a flower in your hair or something tropical themed. We're doing that on Saturday. Are you going to participate in that?

Frank: I haven't quite decided. I don't have a Hawaiian shirt, but maybe this will be the reason why I go out and get a Hawaiian shirt. I don't know.

Christiana: Frank, how do you how is it that you live in Florida and do not have a Hawaiian shirt? I mean, you cross over the line and they stop and give you a Hawaiian shirt. Isn't that true?

Frank: Well, you just said it, Christiana. I'm in Florida, not Hawaii.

Christiana: True, true, true. But it just I mean, yes, it's right. It's not a Floridian shirt. It's a Hawaiian shirt. And I hate to even think about, like, what would the Internet say a Floridian shirt would be, you know?

Frank: Oh, no, I don't even I'm afraid I'm afraid to say anything right now, because I'll I'll offend my Floridian friends, though. We'll just leave it right there, I think.

Christiana: And just to be clear, both Frank and I live in Florida by choice.

Frank: Are you Florida born and bred?

Frank: Certainly not. I am originally from Buffalo, New York, and moved to Florida back in 2013.

Christiana: Yeah, see, and that's the thing is a lot of Florida is people from New York. I'm originally from Long Island, so there you go. And why are we here in Florida? Because it's really nice. And this is why we chose to do StaarCon in Florida in January. Imagine three days at a resort hotel and this is a beautiful hotel.

Christiana: The Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel is fabulous. So the other thing that we're doing that's kind of fun in person on Saturday is get your picture taken with a mermaid.

Frank: Now, that sounds like fun. Absolutely.

Christiana: All right. So there will be that opportunity. Now, those of you who are coming in from home, because there are opportunities to be on video in the lounges, I am going to suggest get your Hawaiian shirts and your tropical wear and wear them to the lounges. And that's the great thing about Accelevents, is it really is an immersive conference experience.

Christiana: Now another thing, if you are coming in person Friday, we are doing a sound bath and it's a sound bath to set your intention for the conference. So if you're coming in person and you can bring a yoga mat or a beach towel so you can be in a reclined position, we're moving all the tables and chairs so you can be in a reclined position for the sound bath.

Christiana: And if you're going to be doing the sound bath from home, make sure you can turn the speakers up and get into a comfortable position to really enjoy the benefits of the sound bath.

Frank: I love that idea. I don't think I've ever done a sound bath before, but just being immersed in that, just sounds so magical, so fun, so immersive. I love it.

Christiana: Yeah, it's exciting. So the program Friday is Intensive Day. We've got four different intensives. You can choose two to do real time and then two to watch in the afterglow. And then we have the sound bath and the opening ceremony and then tarot improv with Mitchell Osborn.

Frank: That was so much fun last year’s StaarCon, I laughed hilariously. He has such a unique gift for that improv. Unbelievable. I can't wait.

Christiana: Oh my gosh. I have done it with him online and in-person almost more times than I can count, and I still want more. He is just, you learn so much about tarot, but it is just so funny. It is entertainment. But you learn.

Frank: He's amazing. He's amazing. I can't wait to see it.

Christiana: Yeah, absolutely. So then Saturday we run four tracks, four different rooms of presentations all day. And then Saturday night I'm the entertainment.

Frank: And what are you doing? Christiana? Tell us more. Please tell us more.

Christiana: Well, you know, on my YouTube channel, I do the Saturday Psychic Sampler, which is essentially a gallery where you ask specific questions. So I'm going to do a psychic gallery where those who are there, in-person and online can ask a question and I'll give an answer. And so it's really dual purpose. One is if you are yourself a professional reader, to learn some techniques on doing gallery work, and if you have a burning question and you want to get a reading, I'm going to be there to read for you.

Frank: That's great. So much fun.

Christiana: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sunday again, four tracks of presentations all throughout the day. I should mention on Saturday our headliner is Sheilaa Hite and we're really excited for her. On Sunday it's Mary K. Greer and we’ll be finished with our closing ceremony before 7 p.m. Probably closer to 6 p.m. will be finished and then I hope we can all gather at one of the hotel restaurants for a final meal.

Frank: Sounds like one heck of a weekend. I mean, literally an unforgettable weekend. The previous tarot conferences that I've attended these StaarCons, I've created such great memories and made real personal connections with people that I value and I will never forget.

Christiana: Well, so good. So good. And then right away begins the afterglow, which is all on Accelevents. Whatever ticket you have in person online, you're part of the afterglow. And we have six pre scheduled lounge events all ready for the afterglow. And so during the afterglow you watch recordings of the presentations. You can gather with your friends, you can shop in the exhibition hall and you can come to these special non recorded one of a kind programs in the lounges.

Frank: I love it. Last year I spent the entire month after StaarCon catching up on all of the presentations that I wasn't able to see. And as you pointed out, there are that many more presenters this year. It is just so much to check out after the conference.

Christiana: Right. So it's really immersive and what a great way to start 2023 really in this place of spirit and fellowship and divination and learning and growth and fun and oh my gosh, I'm just so excited and cannot wait to see everyone So for today, for this episode, our final episode before StaarCon 2023, I have an interview with Jen Sankey and that's what we're doing.

Christiana: When we come back in February, we're going to have more tarot cards, with Ciro Marchetti We're going to have a new game I believe, that you have created. I'm looking forward to that.

Frank: Can't wait to see our contributors play a little game, so make sure to check out the StaarCast Variety Show after StaarCon. We have a lot of really fun, really cool things planned afterwards.

Christiana: Yes, we do. And we're also going to try to get moments recorded from StaarCon itself. So we'll do that in February. But right now, let's get to our interview with Jen Sankey.

Frank: Yeah, let's listen to this interview and I look forward to seeing you all at StaarCon.

Christiana: It's time for five questions from Jen Sankey.

Christiana: Jen Sankey, thank you so much for joining me on the StaarCast Variety Show. How are you?

Jen Sankey: Good, thanks for having me on. I'm so excited.

Christiana: Well, we are so excited to have you here today and we are so excited that you're going to be presenting in person at StaarCon 2023.

Jen Sankey: Yeah, I can't wait. I'm ready for warm.

Christiana: You know, Florida in January is a good thing. It really is.

Jen Sankey: I'm not going to complain.

Jen Sankey: You know, it's better than where I am regardless. So I'm good. I'm I'm totally ready for it.

Christiana: Last year, I think the highest the temperature was was probably about 78 and the lowest was about probably 55. So be prepared for somewhere in there.

Jen Sankey: I'm happy with all of those because it's probably going to be 20 or less here. So yeah, exactly like 55 fine.

Christiana: So let's jump right in. And one of the questions I love to ask people and I'm going to ask you your origin story when it comes to tarot, divination, all of the magical things that you do, how did it start?

Jen Sankey: All right. Well, I mean, I think, you know, it kind of started like a lot of people that, you know, I was that weird, quirky kid that liked all this spooky, weird stuff. I was outside looking for fairies, talking to trees and all of that good stuff. So I was kind of alone a lot. My my parents were, you know, I'm not really sure where they were most of the time, but they weren't around much either.

Jen Sankey: So I was kind of just on my own. And, you know, the library was actually one of my favorite places to go. And I was always drawn to that tiny little metaphysical section that they had. You know, it probably wasn't more than a row. And at that time I lived in Long Island, New York, So and, you know, so it was me just kind of reading about all these things.

Jen Sankey: And then in these books, they mentioned tarot. And I'm like, What's this? So I actually babysat probably like 12, 13, 14. And finally was it had enough money to buy my own deck. So my boyfriend at the time, which also happens to be my husband now, he took me to this little tiny bookstore because that's really all that was around.

Jen Sankey: You know, Barnes and Noble really wasn't a thing either. And, you know, they had a one Rider Waite Smith deck, and that's what I got. And I opened it and off we went.

Christiana: Wow, that's fabulous. Now, I noticed on your website that you work with a lot of different modalities. It's not just tarot. Tell us about all the modalities you work with and how that all works together.

Jen Sankey: Yeah.

Jen Sankey: All right. So I you know, when I find something I like, I have to know all about it. So that's kind of how that happened. And I, you know, so I came across candle, you know, candle reading, candle magic. So I started doing that. Bones, you know, again, creepy kid in the woods, you find bones, I'm like, Whoa, I could actually do something with these.

Jen Sankey: So I started reading Bones. And what else do I do? Gosh, I really charms because charms are everywhere and I'm not super frilly, so I have, you know, all these charms like people would give me and whatever. And I'm like, Well, I'm not going to wear a charm bracelet. I'm not going to actually wear them. So let's use them in divination.

Jen Sankey: Why not? You know, and I and that's just kind of evolved because I would just be like, Oh, what's this about? And then I have to learn all about it. And I learned Reiki, crystals, learning to read with crystals crystal healing. Because once I'm like, Oh wait, you can actually use these things to heal people or yourself.

Jen Sankey: And I always thought that was really an awesome thing to do as well. So it just kind of snowballed into all of these things. And, you know, here we are. And, and really the fun one that I did last year is I had gotten a now I'm obsessed with David Bowie, like your Grateful Dead, right? That's me, David Bowie.

Jen Sankey: Okay. So you understand.

Christiana: Yeah.

Jen Sankey: So I saw I was like late night browsing on Facebook and I saw this, like, Advent calendar a David Bowie one, and it had all these little David Bowie tchotchkes to get in. And I'm like, Well, I need this. So I got it. And then the outside looked wonderful. David Bowie's on it. Okay, great. Well, and last year I recorded every day opening it too.

Jen Sankey: I opened it and there was just some sort of McDonald's toy, rejected every single one of them. Not even one David Bowie toy like. And it's like their faces were melted and like some of them there was like a pink piano in one. I'm like, what? Like it was just it was chaos. So I threw them all in my Labyrinth Lunchbox, as one does.

Jen Sankey: And I use it as divination. Like when I do my weekly lives, I'll use that as a divination. So like, that's such, you know, and I joke around and I just say divining all the things is kind of like a motto I have because you can really do that.

Christiana: Wow, that's fabulous. What a good story. So what are you working on right now?

Jen Sankey: Oh, boy. Well, everything. So I have a book I'm working on about magical manifesting with the moon, with Llewellyn. So hopefully this time next year, that will get going. I'm working on two tarot decks. One is Stardust Wanderer tarot, and that self-publishing Kickstarter hopefully in the spring. So that is really exciting. And also my Temperance card is going to be on the Cartomancer summer issue.

Jen Sankey: So I'm so excited about that. Yeah, so look out for that, for that Kickstarter because we have about 15 or so cards left, so we're getting there. It's been a process. It's been a couple of years. So we have, so I have that going and then now I'm also doing a deck with Llewellyn Enchanted Forest Felines. So it's a hope that magical kitties who live in the forest and it's the artist is from Croatia.

Jen Sankey: She's younger and she is absolutely adorable and she is just really bringing all these cards to life and they're so cute. I can't wait to share them.

Christiana: That is fabulous. That's a lot of great stuff. Now, if people want to work with you, how do they get in touch with you?

Jen Sankey: Really just going on to my Instagram or my Facebook page at Stardust Wanderer Tarot is the best way to do it. I have a Calendee link. You can schedule whatever it is that you want to do with me right on there.

Christiana: Okay. So Stardust Wanderer Tarot dot com.

Jen Sankey: Yep.

Christiana: And Stardust Wanderer Tarot. That's your business name. That's who you are. That's also the name of the tarot deck you’re designing.

Jen Sankey: It is, Yes.

Christiana: Do you want to just share a little bit about what that means? Stardust Wanderer. What? That what That is what that means.

Jen Sankey: You know, so I think for me, a little bit of the stardust part is kind of like Starman, David Bowie, like just that wandering, you know, and just being, you know, And that's kind of all what we're doing. We're all made of stardust, right? And we're all just kind of wandering this planet, trying to figure it out and trying to figure ourselves out.

Jen Sankey: So that's really, you know, what where that name came from. It's just kind of like a mishmash of that. And with my deck, it's the Fool in the deck. Her name is Nina, and it's really like a story deck, and it's about space pirates and gods and goddesses. And it's her kind of finding her way through that Fool’s journey and just all of the fun characters, you know, along the way.

Christiana: Beautiful. I love that. I love that. So let's talk StaarCon for a moment. Of course, StaarCon is coming up January 20th through 22nd and tickets are available now. What will you be presenting at StaarCon?

Jen Sankey: So for, you know, for 2023, I really kind of decided to start really helping people work on their shadow. And and, you know, of course, because, you know, tarot is the thing here using tarot to help kind of define those shadowy parts of you, because you can you know, we have all these things, especially now at the Internet and TikTok, all those things and everybody's like, work on your shadow and you want to sit down.

Jen Sankey: You want to sit there and you're like, all right, well, what do I need to work on? And of course, we're not going to come up with anything. Our ego is not going to let that happen. Right? So, you know, using tarot because have infamous for calling you out on your shit. So that's kind of how it is.

Jen Sankey: And by using that, it's kind of just putting it in your face, like pulling these cards and even just seeing what the images are. And these, you know, maybe you pull the Judgment card, but you notice one little piece of that, that card that's like really jumping out at you. Why is it jumping out of you? What part of yourself is calling to that?

Jen Sankey: And maybe that's something you can work on. So it's not even just the big things. It's the little things, too. So I really want to dive into that in January at StaarCon about how we can use tarot to really kind of start opening ourselves up to that.

Christiana: That sounds wonderful and it sounds like it would be a workshop that would be very accessible and interesting to people at any part of the tarot journey from beginners to seasoned professionals and everything in between.

Jen Sankey: Yeah, absolutely. Because, you know, sometimes I think too, when you're an advanced reader, you consider your you tend to like pooh pooh that stuff. Like, Yeah, you know what? It's fine. I don't need to do that. But when you sit down and when you sit down with like the mixed bag of people too, it's just that energy. And I love that part, you know, it's just the energy of everyone else.

Jen Sankey: And you see, these people are like, Wow, look at this, look at this card, look at that card. And then I think it's that person's like, okay, hold on. Let me see. Let me see what I get, you know? And it's just taking that and using that collective energy, too.

Christiana: Absolutely. Absolutely. All right. Jen Sankey, I want to thank you so much for spending time with us today on the StaarCon variety show, our StaarCast Variety Show. But I got StaarCon on the mind because it's coming up really soon.

Jen Sankey: I know, I'm so excited. I can’t wait to see everyone. That's like the best part.

Christiana: And of course, we're a hybrid conference, so we see each other in-person and online. People can come in person and online, but I am really glad that you're going to be there in person. And the hotel man, this is a four star resort hotel.

Jen Sankey: And just my mind. So I'm so and so and my husband is coming with me too. So he comes. He's like you like very like my, you know, baby witch so he's learning all the things. So it's been really fun bringing him to conferences because just to see what he gets out of it.

Christiana: So that's wonderful. Looking forward to seeing him there and seeing everyone there and and especially you. Jen Sankey Thank you. Thank you so much.

Jen Sankey: Thank you. See you soon.

Christiana: We're grateful to Jen Sankey for that interview. And we're grateful that she will be one of the 50 presenters at StaarCon 2023. We will be back with episode six in February, and we hope to see everyone either in person or online at StaarCon 2023, January 20th through 22nd.

Frank: I can't wait to see you there, Christiana. I can't wait to see all of the presenters and attendees. And I just wanted to say real quick, thank you very much for all of the effort that you put into this. I know that this has taken so much time and effort on your behalf, also on your husband, John's behalf, who's done so much on the technical side.

Frank: So thank you. Thank you for putting this together and gathering all of us to celebrate tarot and other divination methods and just celebrate community. It's going to be so much fun.

Christiana: It sure will be Frank. And thank you so much for being my co-host on The StaarCast Variety Show for being a presenter at StaarCon. And you're also volunteer to be at the reception desk. So when people come in, it may be your smiling face that greets them.

Frank: Indeed, I hope so. I can't wait to see you all there. I will make you feel welcome, I promise.

Christiana: Perfect. So it's time to get your tickets. If you don't already have them, you can join us online or in person. You can come for one day, two days, or all three days. Go to the website StaarCon dot com. That's S T A A R C O N dot com. And if you happen to be on Facebook, we have a private community group.

Christiana: It's called the StaarCon Community Group. Ask to join. We can talk about StaarCon if you're looking for a ride, if you're looking for information, if you're looking for a roommate, if you just want to connect with people before and after the conference, meet us there.

Frank: Yeah, by all means, join the Facebook group. We have a lot of people share a lot of fun things on there and it's a good chance to be part of the group before the conference.

Christiana: Absolutely. And with that, I'll say thank you, Frank. See you, January 20th.

Frank: I will see you there. And thank you, Christiana. See everybody there.

Christiana: Excellent.

Christiana: This has been the StaarCast Variety Show with Christiana Gaudet and Frank Kwiatkowski. Special thanks to Jen Sankey. StaarCon 2023 is January 20th to 22nd. Join us in person in West Palm Beach or online. Get your tickets now at StaarCon dot com that's S T A A R C O N dot com.